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Relaxed travel with tooth powder

Hi, this is Marie from the teethlovers! I would like to tell you about my hiking holiday in the Alps, which I experienced together with my dog ​​and good friends. The breathtaking landscape, the fresh mountain air and the adventurous hiking trails thrilled us and provided unforgettable moments!

In addition to the impressive hikes together and the campfires in the evening, we of course didn't forget to brush our teeth! We had our teethlovers organic tooth powder and our bamboo toothbrushes with us. And THAT is the perfect accompaniment!

Why is teethlovers organic tooth powder perfect for on the go or traveling?

1. Waterless: No matter whether we are on the beach, in the hotel or in the tent - our organic tooth powder can be easily used without WATER! So easy!

2. Promotes saliva flow: Our organic tooth powder ensures increased saliva flow, which supports the natural cleaning of our teeth. Perfect for thorough dental care in between!

3. Versatile: Our organic tooth powder can be used almost ANYWHERE. No matter whether on trekking tours, in foreign countries or on road trips – our dental care is always with you!

A tip for lighter luggage:
Refill tooth powder for your trip!

I have another great tip to make using organic toothpowder even more convenient when traveling: Simply fill your toothpowder needs for the trip into an empty, clean container of cream or something similar! This means you don't have to take the whole jar with you and you have a lighter and safer container with the empty cream container. This way you can concentrate better on your adventure! If you want to save even more, I recommend you use the storage jar to fill up, because the cost per tooth brushing session is €0.04 compared to €0.08 for a jar! Let's explore the world together and ensure that your smile is radiant!

Kind regards from Marie


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