Tooth powder FAQs

Tooth powder vs. toothpaste​

teethlovers organic tooth powder is a water-free tooth cleaning product that consists of 100% active ingredients , all of which are used for direct oral and dental care . Research has shown that toothpowder is significantly more effective at removing plaque than toothpaste.*

Compared to commercially available toothpaste, the powder contains up to 80% of additives that are only used to produce a paste → such as glycerin, water, foams, preservatives, emulsifiers, stabilizers. We also consciously avoid controversial substances such as fluoride, sodium lauryl sulfate or synthetic flavors and fragrances. teethlover's comprehensive yet simple formula supports gentle tooth cleaning, effective remineralization and caries protection . teethlovers organic tooth powder is healthy for people and the environment!

*Study: Comparison of the Plaque-Removing Efficacy of Toothpaste and Toothpowder (2009), J. Int Acad Periodontology

Certified dental care
Radiantly white teeth

teethlovers stand for noticeably clean teeth.

Consuming certain foods such as tea, coffee and acidic foods can cause discoloration on the tooth surface. The gentle cleaning agents in teethlovers organic tooth powder, Rügen healing chalk and German clay gently remove plaque and unsightly discoloration. This reveals the natural whiteness of the teeth again. The stimulated saliva production causes the baking soda and xylitol to liquefy and prevent periodontitis and tooth decay . The anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and calming effects of the plant extracts support a healthy oral environment .

For your naturally white and healthy teeth - powered by nature !

Transparent ingredients

100% natural - plain text

  • Birch sugar from sustainable European forestry → against tooth decay & plaque, enables tooth mineralization
  • Rügen healing chalk & clay from Germany → cleaning bodies, buffer acids & remineralize
  • Baking soda from Germany → acid buffer, removes plaque and bad breath
  • Peppermint oil * → antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, refreshing
  • Lemon oil * → antiseptic, revitalizing, calming
  • Turmeric extract * → antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, energizing
  • Ginger oil * → antibacterial, antiviral, promotes blood circulation
  • Lemongrass oil * → anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, promotes blood circulation, refreshing
  • Rosemary oil * → antibacterial, antifungal, promotes blood circulation, invigorating
  • Thyme oil * → antiseptic, immunostimulating
  • Mandarin oil * → immune-boosting, warming
  • Vanilla powder * → anti-inflammatory, calming
  • Chamomile oil * → antibacterial, relaxing
  • Coconut oil * → antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and supports the regeneration of the pellicle (natural protective film on our teeth)

✅ teethlovers tooth powders are guaranteed to be cruelty-free and vegan, free of GMO (genetically modified organisms), fluorides and synthetic additives.

For more details on all active ingredients, please go here !

*from controlled organic cultivation

Price comparison for toothpaste

teethlovers organic tooth powder is available in different packaging sizes and therefore also prices .

In the 30g jar for 8 euros, in the storage jar for 20 euros and at refill stations the 30g in the jar for under 3 euros.

If you use 0.3g of tooth powder per tooth brushing session, brushing your teeth with tooth powder will cost you every time
8 cents when buying glass
4 cents with the storage jar
less than 3 cents if you fill your tooth powder yourself in an unpackaged shop.

Toothpaste is used approx. 0.9-1g per application. If your toothpaste costs 1 euro, you pay 1 cent per tooth brushing session. At 4 euros per tube of toothpaste, the brushing process costs 4 cents , slightly more than teethlovers organic tooth powder from the refill station.

Foam goodbye, saliva olé

teethlovers organic tooth powder does not foam in the mouth ... no matter how long you brush.

Instead, saliva production is stimulated and the tooth powder becomes an emulsion that is distributed throughout the entire mouth. Because saliva is the body's best tool for healthy teeth and strong tooth enamel, the initially unusual brushing feeling is worth it. This disappears after a short adjustment period .

Foaming teeth cleaning products contain surfactants , which are useful in the washing machine, but have no place in the mouth . Because foams irritate sensitive oral mucous membranes and thus promote inflammation, it is worth replacing old habits with healthier routines .

With teethlovers tooth powder you can let your saliva do its work: buffer acids, clean teeth, regenerate the pellicle and remineralize tooth enamel. Are you still foaming or are you already laughing ?

Fluoride free

Fluoride is a commonly used ingredient in toothpaste to harden tooth enamel and protect against tooth decay . However, fluoride is now highly controversial due to its effects on the entire organism . According to “biological dentistry” , it should only be used locally and not prophylactically .

We at teethlovers consciously do not use any ingredients in our organic tooth powder that are suspected of endangering health .

teethlovers prevents tooth decay as follows:

  1. Thorough and gentle removal of dental plaque as a food source for caries bacteria
  2. Neutralization of acids in the oral cavity through the alkaline properties of the tooth powder
  3. Inhibiting the metabolism of caries bacteria with the help of birch sugar
  4. Saliva stimulation and the associated remineralization of tooth enamel
  5. Coconut oil to support the rapid recovery of the pellicle (natural protective film of the teeth)


  • no water in tooth powder (compared to toothpaste) = shelf-stable without preservatives
  • Water-saving use : There is no need to moisten the toothbrush, water is only needed to rinse the bristles
  • Can be used in humanitarian aid even under water-scarce living conditions
  • Light luggage for all travelers and outdoor enthusiasts
  • less water consumption in production operations
  • no unnecessary extra weight on transport routes

Are you wondering how the tooth powder holds up without synthetic preservatives ?

teethlovers organic tooth powder has self-preserving properties and does not provide bacteria with the specific conditions to multiply.

1. It is waterless —> Bacteria, on the other hand, multiply in moist conditions.

2. Use of essential oils —> Plants produce them, among other things, to protect themselves from bacteria, viruses and diseases. We gratefully make use of this natural superpower.

3. Basic pH value —> The alkaline environment of the tooth powder is very unattractive for acid-loving bacteria.


But isn't it unhygienic to press tooth powder with a toothbrush? A very understandable question !

Answer: When used as recommended , there are no hygiene concerns as the powder that comes into contact with the bristles sticks to them. In addition, bacteria have no chance of survival due to the tooth powder environment (see the topic of self-preservation). Microbiological tests by an independent German laboratory have confirmed its hygienic safety .

If you are still skeptical, it is best to use your own teethlovers glass with your favorite flavor and give family members or shared members their own glasses. So that everyone feels comfortable.


Press a dry toothbrush into the powder.
Brush teeth.
Totally easy!

P.S. If you don't want to do without moistening your toothbrush beforehand, you should make sure to swirl the water well and only press slightly moistened bristles into the powder. The hydrophilic powder sticks to the bristles. No water should drip into the powder.

Homeopathy tolerance

The three teethlovers organic tooth powders are suitable as daily teeth cleaning products during homeopathic treatments:

  • Lemon ginger turmeric
  • Lemongrass-rosemary-thyme
  • Mandarin vanilla chamomile

Only peppermint lemon contains menthol and is therefore less recommended during homeopathic applications.

Yellow teeth from turmeric?

Every organic tooth powder variant that you can buy from teethlovers, when used correctly, thoroughly removes plaque and reveals the natural whiteness of your teeth . We use an organic turmeric extract in our lemon-ginger-turmeric tooth powder, which is free of yellow-coloring curcuminoids . Our organic turmeric extract contains xanthorrhizole . Xanthorrhizole can eradicate the caries trigger Streptocccus mutans within a few minutes. It also has an antibacterial effect against Actinomyces viscosus and Porphyromonas gingivalis, which cause periodontal disease.

Product packaging

Tooth powder jar

teethlovers glass is made of glass with a bamboo lid and a silicone ring for sealing. We use untreated bamboo because it is antibacterial , can be grown without pesticides and stores large amounts of CO2 due to its rapid growth and multi-year harvest. Silicone is made from silicon , which is obtained from quartz gravel and quartz blocks .

The bottom label with the obligatory product information is made of wood pulp , is biodegradable and produced in a climate-neutral manner . The paper band is made from “blue angel” certified recycled paper . This means the processed paper fibers consist of 100% recycled paper. Production saves around 70% water and 60% energy compared to fresh fiber paper. The use of harmful chemicals is prohibited, as is the use of optical brighteners.

storage jars

teethlovers storage jars replace up to 4 toothpaste tubes. The glass can then be reused or disposed of in the glass bin for recycling . The BioSeal lid is free of dangerous plasticizers, BPA and PVC. The labels are made of paper .

1kg of goods to the unpackaged shops

teethlovers refill stations in unpackaged stores are filled with 1kg of organic tooth powder.

The 1kg product is currently delivered in food-safe stand-up pouches made of a monopolymer. The bags are disposed of in the yellow bin and can be 100% recycled and returned to the recycling cycle. However, we are working on a deposit bin system as an alternative for the 1kg goods.


Shipping materials

teethlovers collect and reuse if possible : packets and packages as well as newspaper as filler. New materials such as cardboard, adhesive tape and cushioning material are made from paper, wood wool or corrugated cardboard. The paper for printing labels and delivery notes is “FSC” & “Ecolabel” certified. Shipping is climate-neutral with DHL GoGreen .

Thank you cards

Our cards are made of recycled paper , which is certified with the “Blue Angel” and are printed in a climate-neutral way.