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Our day begins and ends with dental care. Because we, Alex and Marie, like really clean and healthy teeth, we have developed an effective organic tooth powder that is free of any questionable ingredients that you would not want to have in your body at any time of the day or night. Conventional toothpaste consists of 80% additives. We have thrown the additives out of the recipe and offer dental care that consists of 100% active ingredients !

Healthy things can be simple . We do the same with the recipes in our tooth powder series with 100% natural ingredients . Not only do the organic components come from organic farming , but also the main mineral components come from environmentally friendly, German sources . This is particularly important to us because our background is in organic farming and sustainable management. We focused our academic studies on ecological dental care and researched together to find the perfect recipe for our daily teeth cleaning. What started out of love for our own teeth has developed into a successful product. Our organic tooth powder is recommended by dentists and was named Best New Product 2022 at the world's largest natural cosmetics trade fair, Vivaness.

However, the tooth powder developed also needed suitable packaging. Our claim: zero petroleum-based plastic and unnecessary packaging waste into circulation! That's why our jars with bamboo lids are designed for refilling . Our storage jar is suitable for this and covers your tooth powder needs for up to 8 months. However, since the best packaging is no packaging , we also offer you our tooth powder naked at refill stations in unpackaged stores .

And because we passionately like to put our hands in the ground and our hearts dance when we think about planting trees, thanks to you we plant a tree for every teethlovers product sold .

Because we love our environment at least as much as our teeth .

Alex: “Many years ago, when I stood in Marie's bathroom and saw her homemade dental care products, I was blown away. Up to that point, I had been the only person I knew of who made my own teeth cleaning products . It was immediately clear to me: Marie and I would become really good friends.
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Marie: “I've been making my own care products for years because I just want to know what's in them . I want to make sure it's good for me and my environment ! Alex and I developed our dream teeth cleaning product together. And since the tooth powder delighted more and more people in our environment, we would also like to share our product with you.”

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