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Tooth powder children » The guide for parents

As every parent knows, brushing your teeth can become a daily challenge. Hardly any child voluntarily runs to the bathroom to spend several minutes meticulously brushing each individual tooth.

This is sometimes due to the strongly foaming, sometimes too sharp or artificial toothpastes, which are simply an imposition on children's taste buds. Tooth powder can be a pleasant and, above all, natural alternative for children.

Because to make a paste you need around 80% additives. These can be omitted from the tooth powder so that the 100% natural active ingredients used can do their work gently in the child's mouth.

Here we explain what you need to consider when it comes to toothbrush powder for children.

When can my children start using tooth powder?

Tooth powder, which consists of purely natural ingredients, is suitable for daily dental care of children's teeth.

For small children, we recommend a variety that does not contain any harsh essential additives such as

  • Peppermint,
  • thyme
  • or lemongrass are processed.

They may be too strong for children's taste buds. That's why we have developed a mild and soothing type of tooth powder especially for the littlest teeth lovers, with the active plant ingredients mandarin, vanilla and chamomile.

What are the benefits of tooth powder for children?

Tooth powder has some key benefits for children:

  1. Tooth powder is free of additives such as foams, glycerin, emulsifiers, stabilizers or preservatives. They are all used purely to make a paste, but have no use for dental hygiene.
  2. Most children swallow toothpaste while brushing. With tooth powder, which consists of natural ingredients, this is less of a concern in small quantities.
  3. Tooth powder is usually fluoride-free. Since the decision to use or avoid fluoride is a very individual one, tooth powder can be used to brush as needed. If fluoride is indicated, you can brush with a jelly once a week, for example. Children are more likely to spit this out than fluoridated toothpaste, making potentially toxic fluoride accumulation easier to prevent. In principle, this topic should be discussed with a dentist.
  4. Xylitol, also known colloquially as birch sugar, is often a component of tooth powder. Xylitol not only inhibits the formation of caries, but when used regularly, can stop carious lesions that have already begun by actively remineralizing the teeth.
  5. Ingredients such as calcium carbonate, clay, baking soda and xylitol also neutralize acids in the mouth. This is important because saliva can only do its work when the pH value is neutral, namely remineralizing the teeth.

What ingredients does the tooth powder for children have?

Tooth powder for children should consist of 100% natural ingredients and also contain no irritating substances such as peppermint.

We have created a combination with mandarin, vanilla and chamomile that both children and parents enjoy.

The basis of teethlovers tooth powder is a mixture

  • birch sugar,
  • Rügen healing chalk,
  • white clay
  • and baking soda depending on the variety, with plant extracts
    • Turmeric,
    • Rosemary,
    • Thyme,
    • Vanilla,
    • Coconut,
    • Tangerine,
    • Chamomile,
    • Ginger and lemon.

These ingredients have an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect and can be used to maintain the health of the oral flora.

How do I use tooth powder for children?

Tooth powder for children is actually very easy to use.

  1. Simply press the dry toothbrush once into the powder and then put it in your mouth.
  2. The teeth are now brushed as usual, without adding any additional water.
  3. Initially dry brushing stimulates the flow of saliva, which combines with the tooth powder in the mouth to form an emulsion.

By the way: Saliva is the most natural means for healthy teeth and strong tooth enamel!

If you don't want to do without wetting your toothbrush beforehand, you can of course hold the bristles under water, then swirl the water away and press the slightly moistened (no longer dripping!) bristles into the powder.

The hydrophilic powder then sticks to the bristles and the rest stays dry in the glass.

You can read about the benefits and tips when using tooth powder here.

Can children's tooth powder also be used with an electronic toothbrush?

The tooth powder for children can also be used with an electronic toothbrush. Whether you or your child carry out brushing movements yourself or whether the vibration of the e-toothbrush takes over does not matter when it comes to using tooth powder.

The application of the tooth powder is the same with a normal or electric toothbrush.

How many times a day should children use tooth powder?

Children should brush their teeth two to three times a day, just like adults. Ideally morning, afternoon and evening. Tooth powder can be used for all three brushing routines.

Is the tooth powder for children vegan?

The tooth powder is vegan, free of genetically modified organisms and the herbal ingredients come from controlled organic cultivation.


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